Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sick Day

I have a sick baby boy today. Well, actually, he was sick last night; he ran a fever of 102ish all afternoon and then last night. This morning, he's a little clingy/sweet but doesn't have a fever. I myself have a bit of a headache, so it's probable that whatever he has mommy has too in either a milder or its earlier form. So I kept both kids home from school/daycare. We didn't wake up 'til almost 9:00 (daddy left very early for work so we slept in).

So far, both kiddos have been pretty energetic, though. We went outside, weeded the garden, and now they're eating popsicles and watching Flushed Away. OOps. Well, I guess I need to go cause Sean just walked up and I can smell the fruits of his recent efforts. Mommy business calls.


Anonymous said...

wow. 9 am.
i'm speechless.
"sleeping in" for mine is 7. and that's really really pushing it. and that's also when she's sick!
now i know why they program cartoons at 6 am on pbs. by 9, i'm ready for an "afternoon" nap.

kim wells said...

Oh, that's unusual for us. Especially the boy is usually up early, 7:30 at the latest. That's why I kept the girl home, too, cause I figured if we slept that late, there was something with her too.

But it's also quite dark in our room, nice shutters, and it was cloudy/rainy today. All of those things pushed it that late.