Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fort Construction!

Has begun! We have a very nice guy coming by to put together Fort Monkey (maybe? I have to think up a good name. Maybe a name contest....). He started this morning and we have decided more needs to be done to level out the ground where the fort will be. So he's gone now, but will come back tomorrow.

Here, then, is phase 1 of fort building. I really hope it will be all set and done by babies' birthday on June 27. I want to have a 3 year party that day and so if it's all done, it will be a cool birthday present instead of those boxes that are killing the grass. :) The dead grass is where their tent was. Yup. We like killin' grass around here. But it's convenient, because that's where I want the tower part of the fort to stand. As you can see.

Sick day has gone pretty well but tomorrow, I think they're going to school 'cuz they are NOT sick anymore. At least not today. Maybe tonight, when darkness falls, the fever will come back (I hope not!)