Monday, June 16, 2008

Custer Treatment

According to biographer Evan Connell*, (among others) General Custer had his ears punctured by Indian women after his death. The point was that Custer had broken his promise over a peace pipe and the women wanted him to hear better in the afterlife. I was told that story years ago in my Native American history class and I've always found it interesting on many levels.

So all this week, I've been calling Sean's treatment the Custer Treatment. It's interesting because if you think of it, people must have been performing some form of this treatment for a long time if the Indians associated poking holes in the ears with better hearing.

This morning, about an hour ago, Sean had his ears poked and tubes inserted. We were all up at the crack of 6:00, at the clinic, where sister Maia also helped and was a pretty good girl. She charmed the nurses pretty well and was very disappointed to go to school. But she was being very noisy and demanding the center of attention and I think Sean deserves a day of quiet rest, so she's at school. We're not looking forward to the 2 week pool prohibition, though. Blech!

Daddy & Sean are now resting in the other room. I will join them in a moment where I will read a book & drink coffee. I'm kinda tired, too, actually, but I think one of us should stay awake to monitor the baby, even though he seems just fine. It's mom worry-ness, and probably silly.

Anyway. We'll see how well this works. I'm very hopeful; the other day I had a dream where Sean was talking to us like a normal (almost) 3 year old. Here's to it being a true dream.

And to Sean hearing much, much better in his entire life than Custer did.

*Son of the Morning Star isbn 0-86547-160-6


Brigindo said...

That's a great story about General Custer. I hope the Custer Treatment works and you can ease up on the mom-worry.

Anonymous said...

yea! i'm glad sean is doing well.