Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Once More To The Lake

kite flying princessEvery summer I have big big plans for things that I will accomplish, and then I see the days zoom past at lightspeed. It's not a complaint, really, but I just wonder, sometimes, how I used to accomplish so much!*

Anyway... we went to Canyon Lake this weekend. It was very very nice. Yes, there were hotrodders zooming past drunkenly on their jet skis but we are in a cove, sort of, so they rarely come too close. They just make waves, which the babies love anyway. maia feeding deer

Maia loved the deer. They are over populated and inbred, and survive largely on deer corn, which is like humans living off of Big Macs alone. Yes, just that bad, but they love it. We mix a little barley & feed into the corn, but very few people do. We also feed the deer veggies-- usually, they eat that AFTER the corn is all gone. Maia would beg "More corn?" and toss one or two kernels at a time. One medium sized buck kept coming up stepping onto the porch. He swiped a piece of pizza off of my plate (I did NOT see that coming). Luckily for my conscience, at least it was Whole Foods apple & gorgonzola, so I have not turned the deer into a carnivore, (yet).
in the kayak
Babies cruised the shoreline with daddy in the kayak. Andrew is a bit of a "Great Santini" with grown ups about the kayak; I don't really enjoy going out with him. But he was sweet & nice with the babies and they really seemed to pick it up, swinging the very light oars in the proper sequence. Not that they really used them to push the kayak but they're 3!

We flew kites, which Maia loved to do, and she did quite well. Sean just wanted to hold the kite string and let it go... freedom! But the kites usually snagged on one of the scrubby wildflowers on the "beach" and so were rescued. He did it three times-- more me the stupid one for letting him sucker me again. hey look; it's me! I don't even care that I look sort of chubby here...

We had a pretty low stress drive, as well. Yes, it took hours (9 for the way there, about 7.5 on the way back-- fewer stops for playing). But otherwise, nice day, blue skies, babies eating pb&j in the back seat watching their DVDs and (mostly) happy.

he looks like his daddyToday, I have SOOOOO many errands to run and things to do. But I have the weekend and memories of relaxing, yes, relaxing to keep like a little jewel that I can take out and polish sometimes in the midst of all the tasks which will stay undone and things that will be checked off the list. Me, like a tall golem, mouthing "precious" and remembering how nice our teeny tiny vacation was.

And look at that face.... how much more precious can one baby be?


*(I do know-- the days used to be longer. I used to stay up 'til midnight, drinking a glass of wine and playing on the computer for hours hours while the husband watched basketball... now it's off to bed at 9, intending to get up later, but that never happens).


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim. Nice to *see* you here.

nissa, goddess after five said...

Thanks for letting us join in on the fun. Anja keeps saying "I wanna see Sean and Maia" and doesn't quite understand that y'all are several hours away!