Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Circle the Wagons: Day Two

'Cuz the fort aint built yet. In fact, it doesn't LOOK much different from what it looked yesterday. Yes, they leveled it off using the fort leveling gadgets. That took a long time and I'm mostly good with that because if you start it off right, it will be better.

But why is it that every. single. contractor. type. in the world can't understand the radical notion that "I'll be by in the morning" means coming by BEFORE one in the afternoon? It means, like, MORNING?

It says on the directions that it will take 20 hours. However, I'm pretty sure that's 20 hours of actual work. Magic fort-building elves don't come by every few hours and hammer in a notch or two. (At least, not by our place. Those damned elves never stop by here).

Oy chihuahua. At this rate, it will be pushing it for the fort to be done by babies' birthday.


Anonymous said...

thank god you don't live in Italy or France. "i'll be by in the morning" usually means "that one morning next September, after my August holidays, when I remember I have some kind of small job to do for someone."