Friday, April 27, 2012

Maia's story

Maia found out how to type a story into a word processor today. This is the story she then wrote:
The cat who is missing a tail.
A cat was missing a tail who wanted it back. Then it realized it was under a spell. So, it was going to be hard to get it back. And he went to get it back. He went and bumped into a forest that was on fire!
The cat backed up. He looked behind him. In a tree, he saw a knight’s clothes. The cat put the knight’s clothes on. The knights’ clothes fit! And the armor was strong enough to go through the fire. And the cat will not get hurt. And the cat can go right through, and went on.
Soon…The cat was so hot. And then, the cat saw a lot of water, and they were shapes! Two kinds of shapes! A triangle, and a circle. He ran to a circle. Then he jumped off very fast! The water turned to ice. Then he jumped to the triangle; the triangle did not turn to ice. Then he looked over he saw a enchanted forest. His tail must be there! The cat must get past the puddles! So the cat jumped only on the triangles. And then the cat was at the enchanted forest. And went off. He went by some bouncy mushrooms. Then the cat bumped into a giant mushroom. It had a mouth. It opened it. The mushroom was so big, the mushroom is going to eat the cat!
Will the cat get away? The cat ran for its life! The cat saw a knife. The cat ran to the knife! The cat gets the knife, throws the knife at the mushroom and kills it! And that was the guardian of the cat’s tail. The cat puts the tail on and when he opens his eyes the cat is home.

Damn. I am totally impressed. She's not even 7!!