Friday, June 20, 2008

Excitement in the Swampland

Around here, usually our excitement comes in at watching the babies swim in the pool.

But yesterday, I went off with a friend to see the Sex and the City movie (which I liked) and also hung out at our local bookstore. At the bookstore, I found out there's a book festival/author festival coming soon to my little old hometown. Yay! So I'm in the process of trying to get my website, Women Writers, involved in some way in that. Self-promotion and fun, yes, but also a chance to meet some of my little old hometown area's writers & maybe even "mover and shaker" types. Try to get my website proposal to book format done before hand. I've already contacted a couple of folks who are coming to the festival for interview/meetup sorts of things.

Also, I found out that one of my favorite book series, the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire series, is coming out as a series on HBO called True Blood. It looks kind of awesome from what I saw online. Some weird Southern accents, but that's normal. People hire a dialect coach if they're doing some accents but everyone and their sister thinks all they have to do is drawl a little and they're authentic Southern. :) Anyway. There's a couple of spots on YouTube-- I'll post the one I like most. Charlaine Harris actually lives around these parts, and the series is set in my hometown, and some details are very realistic. I like the looks of it and am looking forward to the premiere. I apparently missed the pilot, though. I hope it runs again soon.

So that's excitement for us. The fort is 90% done, the trip to FL is still on, friends and family to see, and today, I have laundry to do. And a cool TV series to look forward to. Sigh of happy.