Friday, June 13, 2008

Blue Meditation

My fingertips and legs and around my face
my thighs my armpits my belly,
where the
starred freckle mole marks my northward path

all are becoming

I think of Blue Tara.

Think of mastering my desires,
think of compassion:
look out for the stars,
long for night, and fireflies, and lotus flowers
with nestled jewels.

I sit, cross-legged, hope for serenity and
the sound of water.

Am I becoming this goddess?
or is it just the secondhand dress from India
blue dye not properly set
and everyplace I touch with these bluetipped fingers....

Is it mundane, or divine?
And, more importantly, does it wash off?


Pearl said...

like the tangental courses and returns. enjoyed the piece
(fellow wompo)

kim wells said...

Thanks Pearl, for the comment, and for stopping by. :) I kinda like this pome too, and it's a simple little thing. :)