Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh boy this week

It's just been so busy! And then next week we'll be in Parts Southerly. I just haven't had time to write anything useful or beautiful. Granted, those pix of the babies were beautiful but ....

Yesterday, a trip to the dentist for the kiddos. Good news for Maia, not as good for Sean, who won't let me brush his teeth for him. I have Lots to Say about the fact that in the dentists' office, which, as far as I could see, had at least two female dentists, there was this photo of the staff, probably at their Christmas party. All the 20-30 women (maybe it included spouses or something, too) were standing, arranged behind these four men in dark suits who were sitting on chairs. The spacing of the men was very wide. It looked, for all the world, like four "owners" of all those fine womenfolk. A harem. I don't even know if those men were the doctors & the women all the hygienists, or what. If the women dentists were among the women in the background while the males of the "firm" were spread around in front, I am hugely offended for them. It was just disturbing, I have to say. However, I doubt that many around the Swampland would even get that and would think I were a rabble rouser (well I am) if I said anything about it.

Today is another busy busy day. I have no idea how I'm going to get everything that I need to get done this week finished before we have to pack up the car on, eeeeek, tomorrow!!!

Again, I wish for a gadget that stops time while I whirl around doing things. Or that wiggle your nose ability that Samantha has. I like option two better. That, please.