Monday, February 23, 2009

Under New Management since 2003

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was freakin' HILarious. I would drive down the road, see a gust of leaves and in my mind I would be already writing the best damn blog post ever. And the time when I saw a made over hearse in the Borders bookstore parking lot, windows blacked out? Oh, my friends, those were the days. And they actually WERE funny! Clever posts! That didn't take me all day and make me feel like a poet writing a poem about writing poetry.

When you've been blogging as long as I have, you know these things come in stages. You are writing at first for just your mom, maybe, and a couple of friends. Then you have a few strangers stumble on your site. Some stranger than others. (ba dum bump) You build a following, you have some laughs, you think about going to one of those pre-rehab AA meetings-- I mean, blogger meetups, and you feel a bit like a rockstar. You notice you've had thousands of visitors. Sometimes in one day! You think about your blog friends as real people, who are really part of your life, and not just strangers typing and wearing pajamas in a room far away that you'll never meet. You tell your spouse "you know, George, the one with that blog about rocks? He said the other day that...."

Then something happens.

Maybe you upset some readers and they stop coming by. Maybe you just get boring. I've gotten over some blogs I used to follow religiously and just stopped going.

Or You might just have some big life changing event that makes you write constantly about something like baby poo and you find yourself reading other blogs about baby poo and suddenly all those hip, savvy, smart readers are gone cause who other than a mom cares about baby poo?

You think about quitting. Who wants to read your post, except the faithful mom out there, still.

You go anonymous, cause maybe you have a job you wouldn't want the world to see that you drank TWO glasses of wine last night and heaven forbid you admit that! But then the anonymity makes you bitter and crabby and all you're ever writing about is the negative.

Oh, this post could go on forever, but I gotta go get the baby poo factories up and drag them to daycare. Today is a day off of school for me and I've got a half a ton of Landlord work to do.

Blog phases are funny, my friends.... or should I say, "Right Mom?"


slyboots2 said...

Yeah, the doldrums. I'm with ya, sistah. I am so with ya. The words, they do not always flow with ease. Yours might be devoted to mommyisms, but mine are more about navel gazing, and so I don't share. Y'all don't need that from me. Trust me on that!


Anonymous said...

it's weird, readership to (S)wine has gone down or dwindled to almost nothing...unless I give them a push on Facebook and they all flock. i think FB and Twitter has taken over our attention spans. i still check in though; with all my "regulars."

Anonymous said...

hAVE...HAVE taken over

comebacknikki said...

I'm so with you on this one!

Pearl said...

yep, I hear ya. typical stage in blogger life cycle.