Monday, February 23, 2009

Tell Me--

If I feed my 3 year olds brownies with pink frosting for breakfast cause that's all the little monkeys will eat and it's SOMEthing,

does that make me bad?

Wait. Don't answer that.


J said...

(no seriously, do they have eggs in them? If so, it's OK).

Cynthia said...

"Dad is Great...feeds us chocolate cake..." (for breakfast). --Bill Cosby from way back when. My husband said he was forced to listen to this skit over and over with his parents so he can sing the whole song. Fun little reminder to myself when I just need to get us out of the house and only a "bar," a hunk of cheese or, yes, a cookie is what will make the morning work :-)

Pearl said...

question for your question...if I feed myself chocolate for breakfast and lunch just to get something in me ... is that bad?

bet your monkeys looked cute with pink frosting dots.

ccw said...

Not at all. In fact there are many an odd meal in my house. The little ones are both so thin that I excuse my behavior by saying they could use the calories, right?