Saturday, February 7, 2009


I kind of miss my old "anonymous" blog where I could bitch and moan and snark when things weren't going my way and get sympathy from friends and total strangers. People who don't really know me so when they say a situation is f-d up I know I'm not just paranoid or being too sensitive. But it would be too much work to revive it. So, I'm lazy and depressed, so you gets nothin'.

Maybe ya'll can just give me sympathy without knowing why? It's for sucky things. That you would totaly go "aw man, that's lame."

Stuff I can share: Andrew's working this weekend, and babies have been HELLIONS. They refused to nap. They made a mess that I chose to ignore for a while until it became obvious that continuing to ignore the mess was going to cause said mess to get really really bad. Thank the Goddess that we have Madagascar 2 on DVD because that has made them contain their mess in the general area of the TV, although I really should go see what Sean is up to now. He sounds industrious, which is generally bad. Sigh.


dotsmom said...

I saw your post on my blog about the "solitary day" assignment. Use it! It's a great "prompt" for an assignment.


Pearl said...

one can have multiple blogs. lord knows I do. 7? 8? of the little suckers.