Monday, February 9, 2009

Confessions of a Band Geek

When I was in high school, I was a band member. We had an awesome marching band, and I played the clarinet. In fact, I played clarinet for something like ten years! It's sometimes amazing to me that I don't do it now. I always meant to pick it back up but just haven't yet. Next time I see a cool red one in a pawn shop (I did once. Dammit) I am buying it and making myself play.

I was just lurking on Facebook while waiting for my office hour to be up. Yes, there are more productive things I could do, but while looking at BFF's profile page, I noticed she had our high school listed, and it was linked. I clicked the link, found a couple of hundred people. Some of them I knew of, but didn't know. A few I sent "friend" requests to, with a clarification of what my name was back in "the day" (maiden name not included. I like my middle name too much). Then I looked at a year before and a year after my graduation.

It was kinda neat to see some of those names! Some of them I saw at the 10 year HS reunion I went to back 10 years ago. (I didn't go to the 20. Too busy!) Some of them made me cringe. (I actually saw one guy I kind of dated...ick! Why I'm glad I don't live near there!!) A couple of old friends. It will be neat if any of them accept my friend request. Maybe make me feel a little less "unconnected."

I have to admit I had wondered how people found all those former schoolmates. It didn't occur to me that there was a lable-y thing and people weren't all just searching for names. ::Chuckles at air-headed-ness. ::

Anyways. Now, I need to go downtown (hums the tune to the old song) and file paperwork to evict someone from our apartment. Fun for the whole family! Bring your friends! I meant to work on this Friday, but we had to give them a full five days, and then one can't do it on the weekend. So I wasted the trip downtown on Friday (ugh) and now get to do it again.

I have effectively wasted another good hour (as Click & Clack might say). Hooray!