Friday, February 6, 2009

things that are bad for you

Since the babies were born (3 years-ish) I haven't really sat up all night for no reason. Yes, I've been up with sick babies, or back when they were teeny tiny to feed them every two hours (that was fun!) But early on, I learned that when you have twins, you can't risk them waking up and you not being rested. They'll double team you and you won't get any sleep, so you take it when you can. It's bad for you to be up all night, and I almost always regret it anymore. Gone, I guess, at least til the kiddos are teens, are the nights of staying up til 2 am reading or watching movies or whatever it was we used to do when we stayed up all night.

That habit has lasted me a while. I hardly ever have nights where I get up in the middle of them, not able to sleep. When I do, a lot of the time I even just lie there in bed, thinking, resting, making myself go back to sleep eventually.

But tonight, the combination of a brain full of fuzzy monkey-brain thoughts plus a sore shoulder (the remnants of the sore neck from last week) and an annoying cat have made me need to be up. I surfed a new graphics website to see if I wanted a new "profile" picture (maybe) and played around there. Ate too many pistachios (they're right next to the laptop). Am drinking a sparkling water. Listening to the cat's bell from his collar jingle as he roams, as restless as I am.

Change is afoot. Things will be happening in my "household" that make my life different. Not in a bad way, and in a good way in almost 90% of the change. But there is that lingering 10% that will make me sad. I'll think about whether I want to go completely public with my change. Again, it's just a thing that I'll be changing about something that has made me sad, with the major intent of making me feel better overall. So. It makes you think, and think, and need to get up at 3 am and write elusive blog posts that will have people saying WTF?

Hah! You know, that's bad for you.