Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Morning Whine-Fest

I cannot make a to-do list. It would be too depressing because there are way too many things to actually put on that list, and way too many things that are not actually getting done.

But I can sit here and feel bad about it all. I can also complain.

  • My pool is literally a swamp. I expect gators to arrive with suitcases any day now. I think I need to hire someone to come clean it up/out because it's so bad now it would take me literally days to fix it. And my son likes to chuck branches into it, hurling them over the pool fence with quite a good arm. And toys. And whatever else he can find.
  • I have about twelve baskets of laundry that my hubby washed but has no idea how to fold or put away. They're in the hall. My underwear is all somewhere lost within the mix.
  • I have the eternal papers to grade and that hopeful look from students that I'll have them graded today. Fat chance. Wait til a weekend that isn't totally fried to happen first.
  • I have paint all over my hands. I don't really mind the beige stuff but the black flecks of spray paint make my hands look creepy dirty. Ick. The tenants want to move into the house very soon, and there are many things to do still.
  • I haven't had five minutes to myself that isn't spent in my work office waiting to go teach for weeks & weeks. & weeks.
  • Grocery shopping? Hah!
  • I have a meeting on Monday to discuss Sean's speech delay & possibly putting him into all day therapy. Something I've been dreading, but seems to be needed.
  • I'm not sure if I am missing the eviction of tenants meeting today because husband has the paperwork & I am in the dark. I'm sure I'll catch hell if anything goes wrong there.
  • The internet is still down at my house. Which means I need to call Comcast and complain cause there's something wrong that is not fixing itself as I had hoped.
  • My TV room is a wreck with toys scattered everywhere.
  • I don't like the pantyhose I'm wearing today, but it's cold & I didn't want bare legs.
  • Time for personal "things" for me? HAH HAH!!!

Anyway. I could go on. I said I wasn't going to make a list but then I did and it's kind of pathetic. I am going to go teach now and try, really hard, to get all the work I have done actually moving. It's to the point now where the avalanche is getting so big that I won't get ANY of it done because the mountain is too big to move. Sigh.


J said...

Sorry chippie... Hang in there!
(Nail polish remover will take care of the spray paint. Use the non-acetone kind, it is gentler on your skin.)

Pearl said...

if its any consolation your piled list made me feel better. I'm not even composing lists anymore. One moment at a time.

and clothes baskets. lol. sounds like me. although the scarf putting away issue is special. I know it goes with winter scarves in the hall closet. Hubby puts it away with decorative scarves which go in the bedroom. I could get it out from the wrong place for years. It's like a toilet paper roll thing.