Friday, February 20, 2009

High School You?

I have "facebooked" a few folks from high school. I hadn't thought of doing it til I noticed my BFF, J, had the HS listed on her page. I browsed, saw some names & faces I recognized. One of my newest "friends" looks enough like herself from 20 years ago that I have to wonder if it's an old picture, or if she's just incredibly lucky. A lot of the people I've found on there still live in Florida, often very near where we went to High School. So I feel a little weird to have moved so much.

The whole thing is kind of weird, and it's gotten me thinking.

What would your high school self think of you today? I mean, if you could, a la Back to the Future, zap yourself backwards or forwards and actually meet yourself?

I imagine these are a few of the things my HS self would wonder about me:

  • Why did it take you so long to get a degree you can't even get a job with?
  • What was 1999 really like?
  • Twins? Really? EEk! How does that work? (I still wonder that).
  • Why didn't you spend longer in Paris?
  • Where have you been all this time?

Things I might tell her:

  • Weight loss isn't the most important thing in the world.
  • When you really have so many things to do you can't do them all, sometimes procrastinating instead is better.
  • Bad boys are really not worth the time. Or the effort. And it WILL be an effort.
  • Your hair will not look as cute as Bettie Page's. No matter how many times you cut it like that.

I want to keep thinking about this. I figured I had a really meaningful post about this, but now it's just not coming. I think I'll make this a series of things to think about.