Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gah! Technology Blows...

Or sucks. One of those suggestive verbs.

This morning at 5 am while my husband was cooking his breakfast, the shiny stainless steel stove that you would think was awesome decided that its digital control panel (has a clock, temp for the oven, etc) was broken. It flashed F1 at him and then started to beep.

This annoying, very high pitched, slightly warbling unending BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

He woke me after punching all the buttons like a monkey looking for a sugar cube, after which I did the same button punching. I googled the issue on teh Internetz, (since we inheireted the stove w/ this house & don't appear to have manuals).

It turned out it needs a new panel. The noise would be justified if perhaps it was about to explode & was warning us to run for cover. But since there was no way to turn the mofo off short of going downstairs & flipping the power breaker on and off (the whole house breaker, since flipping individual ones didn't work).

That, my friends, has got to be the WORST. EVER. warning of a digital panel malfunction. At 5:30 am while your kiddos are sleeping abotu 8 feet away and you're tired and should have gotten to sleep cozily for another hour, in which you will go back & lie down grumpily & think about all the problems you have in the world instead of dozing right off.

I hate this stove. I hate all of my Frigidaire Stainless steel apparently cool appliances, because in spite of being only about 5 years old, they all have one or another issue that make them suck. Big time. I want all new stuff. Would the money fairy please hurry the F up and make me rich, please?


nissa, goddess after five said...

I would have taken a sledgehammer to the f***er.

Aaron says that Lowe's is offering 10% off right now on appliances, plus free delivery and haul away. This would be a good time for a select few of mine to die.

ccw said...

We bought a Frigidaire stove and fridge. The stove has been great. The refrigerator went back to Lowe's for being the worst appliance ever with even worse customer service. We were just thrilled that Lowe's took it back when Frigidaire was unwilling to offer anything beyond dismal, not helpful solutions. Love the new GE.

Now, I just keep my fingers crossed that the stove will continue to thrive.

I'll keep watching for the money fairy or new appliance fairy!