Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer's Coming

I spent today doing a few important things. I cleared out the gardens-- I kind of have two of them. One is back on the back fence and usually has sunny flowers & my cool green buddha meditation statue. The other is on the far right fence and has herbs and weeds in it, usually. Sometimes more weeds than herbs (and not that kind of weed, thank you.) The rosemary I planted last year has totally taken over one corner & it looks pretty & is fragrant so in spite of my earlier plan to let the bed go back to just grass I planted marjoram, basil & greek oregano in there today. There is a neighbor guy that's been selling herbs in his front yard during the week & I want to stop there and get some mint from him. I love mint.

Then I cleared the back bed out and scattered two cans of those "wildflower mixes" you can buy. Hot colors & cold colors all mixed together. I've tried those mixes before & had them totally not work so I hope this time it does. I want a wild bed full of wildflowers this year. The cultivated ones from the past just haven't done as much for me.

I also cleared out the someday-a-koi pond. Sean has a bad habit of dropping handfulls of mud (and rocks & other junk)in there so it's never been actually established yet as a real ecosystem. Andrew wanted to pull it up and level it-- the handymen didn't quite get the level right. And he got frustrated and quit just before naptime so it's not done yet.

But establishing the summer flower/herb beds feels really good. It feels like summer's really & truly on its way. And I really and truly need it.