Tuesday, May 5, 2009

7 days without blogging makes one week

Hah! So I can use that lame church slogan here. Score!?

This last week has been funny. I am finishing up a semester, have been trying to catch up on work at home, and am very disconnected from my work-life. It's partly like this every year at this time. The school year is mostly over-- all that's left is final exams, and I have two to give & grade. So one doesn't really see students, or other faculty for that matter. It's kind of like the "Academic Rapture"--those of us "Left Behind" marvel at how quiet it is with students mostly gone. :) But it's kind of been a weird semester, for some reason. All the action seems to have happened a long time ago. I don't know if it's because of the "Read-in"-- which meant a lot of flurry of activity back in Jan & Feb and then a bit of a letdown afterwards or just the nature of this particular year. Beats the heck out of me.

I just know I am really, really happy to be looking at several months of being completely on my own schedule. And then, Fall will be very light teaching. So, movin' on movin' up movin' movin'.


Anonymous said...

hey, can i somehow turn off the music so it doesn't play every time i hit your blog? sometimes i hit it from work, and the music gives me away.

kim wells said...

If you just scroll down to the bottom of the blog/page, it usually take a sec to load & there's a pause button.