Sunday, April 19, 2009

Classmates: How Did You Get This Number?

I keep getting emails from saying "Do you remember Obscure Name Here?" As though the mere name of someone I haven't kept in touch with for 20 years will send me scurrying to the website. I don't have nearly that much nostalgia for people I knew years and years ago (and in the case of these emails, apparently DIDN'T know.)

I signed up for Classmates around 10 years ago when all excited about the 10 year HS renunion. I strongarmed BFF into going, mostly because Husband's 10 year reunion had gone so well & fun. Hubby's 20 did NOT go well. We figured that was a sign and didn't even consider going to the 20. I'm sure there were people I would have liked to see, but I think, for the most part, I have kept in touch with the few people from HS I wanted to keep in touch with. I may not see them as often as I would like since I live a ridiculously long car drive from them and don't go over like I oughta (maybe soon!) but we are still in touch.

Anyway. These classmates emails are pretty much a new thing. I don't know if they just amped up their desire to find lost souls or if I accidentally went and looked at something there-- perhaps because I did recognize a name, or perhaps one day when I was looking at people on Facebook. I dunno. But it makes me feel weird to get almost daily emails from the site reminding me that I was apparently an obscure weirdo in High School, too good, even, for the party from Donnie Darko.

On a final note, since I have the labels/keywords that are listed below, perhaps if I click there, I will see a post that reminds me of why I am hearing from Classmates.... I have apparently blogged about something on a related note before. Curse this fragile thing we call shunning the masses memory!!


slyboots2 said...

I see the updates (and I get them too) as a craven and desperate attempt by classmates to keep a corner on the reunion market. I think that Facebook is likely killing them. And considering Classmates (pay for anything resembling decent service) versus Facebook (free), who you gonna call? Silly classmates. I am on the total downlow there anyway. Only people I want to contact know my married name.