Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One Hand Blogging

Ten Things I Would Miss if Civilization Ended Today:

Note that it's not the world ending. Because if that happened, I wouldn't miss anything given that I would not survive, either. (Snarky, yes. True, yes.)

1. Blue gum
2. Dandelions (these, however, would probably be fine, and possibly even thrive given the lack, therefore, of Roundup.)
3. Lattes, and the Starbuck's Mermaid
4. Target
5. Wikipedia. And/or the ability to google anything and learn something.
6. Kitsch on the internet. I mean, where else would I get a Rosie the Riveter action figure?
7. 80s music.
8. The little copyright symbol © and the little "R" symbol ®. (Ah.I just learned it means registered trademark. See point # 5 above). Also, spellchecker.
9. Do-nuts
10. Scotch Tape.

I didn't say these would be meaningful and/or deep. But I would miss being able to have this stuff. It's kind of cool stuff. And it makes me happy.


ccw said...

I would miss all of those things minus blue gum. I would miss Teh Costco, my raggedy brown cardigan nicknamed "my Kurt Cobain sweater", and my new flat iron (I seriously don't know how I have lived without it)

Completely unrelated but I was browsing the teen section of bargain books on-line at B&N and the #2 seller was "Heart-Shaped Box" by Joe Hill. I bought this book at your suggestion and was not disappointed. However, it would never occur to me to classify this as anything but adult. Am I wrong or suddenly being a prude?

nissa, goddess after five said...

The microwave.