Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I woke up today with a dream that combined two things.

I was fighting with a rude class of students who were being mean to a girl I know who wanted to read passages from some poetry that moved her. I actually was being threatened by one particularly rude student who was going to "sue me." So that was weird. And then the dream merged into something where I was being persecuted because some people in some grocery store I needed things from were saying I was a witch. And I guess, in the light of the fact that I woke trying to cast a binding spell on the one worst persecutor-- someone in the dream named Cindy whose hair I also swiped a piece of in this dream-- then perhaps I was a witch. But the spell wasn't a bad one-- just one to bind her from her cruelty. So I apparently was a good witch. In part of the dream I was also explaining Wicca to the cashiers, and beginning to win them over at least to understanding I wasn't an evil devil worshipper but just someone who saw things a little differently.

So the combo of teacher and Wicca good witch but being rather persecuted and trying to protect a young student who loves poetry very much is rather interesting. I don't know, at this moment, exactly what it means. Anyone care to psychoanalyze me?