Thursday, January 1, 2009

Why Recycling is Evil

Guess what family spent the day at the ER (6 hours of it at least)? Because Sean found Grandma's recycling bin in the back yard and dropped a big glass something on his right big toe, trying hard to cut it deeply?

It might just have been us.

He's fine. He actually ended up not needing stitches, (he could have had them, but not NEEDED them) and since the stitching up would have really traumatized him, we opted for the skin super glue & a pat on the back. I know. For six hours, you ought to at least get ONE stitch.

For three year olds with an exceptional amount of energy, they were REALLY, really good. But it still sucked major something or other. And so, I blame the environmental movement. If that darn glass thingy had been in a landfill, where it belongs, it would not have cut my precious baby's toe. Phffffth. Al Gore would have gotten much quicker ER service, too. So there.


Maude Lebowski said...

oh, poor babies! i'm glad the boy is ok. i'm sorry you had to spend the day in the ER.

here's to a better tomorrow!