Saturday, January 10, 2009

This weekend, Andrew has "drill" so he's supposed to work. But he's still feeling terrible. He's in charge of getting together the breakfast we've been feeding the folks who have drill, though, and we went & bought it all yesterday. So this morning it was either me getting up at the crack of dawn and taking it to the workplace or him. When Andrew got up at 6, then, Sean got woken up. He wanted his dad. And he's been up since then.

I don't fancy waking up at 6 am on my last "free" Saturday, but we're up. Sean's watching Peter Pan & Maia is still asleep & I am here, reading news headlines & drinking coffee. I'm gonna be tired later. :)

Anyway. I'm having fun on Facebook lately. When I first did it last year, it was totally because students kept asking me for a contact there. And I didn't really use it much. I played the "Heroes" app for a while, and then I actually unchecked my membership for several months. But I've expanded it to include real friends (not just students) and I've also posted my Women Writers website there (if you're on Facebook, go "fan" us if you haven't already.) Spending too much time there, really. But I've always been prone to procrastinating on the Internet.

So now, I'm off to see if I've been poked.