Monday, January 12, 2009


I just downloaded a screamingly ridiculous number of MP3s from Amazon (I get it there because it's not Rights Managed like Ipod... I know, they're changing, but it annoys me when I can't play the music on anything but my Ipod-- but I digress.)

I was doing fine, just about done, when I discovered the "Menergy" mixes. They are mixes apparently done by some DJ for gay clubs or something. What makes me say that? The cover art + music= duh. But it has some AWESOME stuff for working out cardio elliptical step aerobics stuff.look at that chest hair!

Now, when Andrew gets that Discover bill, he's going to say "You spent WHAT on digital music?!" and I'm gonna totally have to have already lost at least 10 pounds or else I'm in big trouble.

I'm just annoyed, now, because my little Ipod Nano thingy can't hold them all. Bastiges!! I have another Ipod but the nano is for the workout thing. Pffffhhht. Piffle. Losers.

But I at least have to get this Boom Boom Boom mix on there. It's not exactly this Youtube, but very, very close. Sigh. I am in cardio bliss. Now I just have to go find some workout clothes that fit.