Saturday, January 31, 2009

Vile Vile Venting Post

I have been in such a crabby mood this past week because of my neckache. I hurt it last week just a "tweak." I had hoped it would be okay, and then, late Monday-ish, it developed into full on can't move whiplash style pain. It's still not better, completely. And I'm still feeling rather crabby about it, to tell you the Goddess' only truth.

People have suggested "go to a chiropractor" or "get some drugs" etc. I appreciate the suggestions, but mostly, they are things for a future. There's just no way that I'd get in, as a first time client, to a new chiro in time to fix this. And as for drugs, unless it's something that wouldn't knock me out (which would probably mean wasn't effective enough!) I can't do it. I have to be mom to two three year olds. And my hubby, while a wonderful guy, can't do that all by himself so I can lie in bed for a couple of days (as much as I'd like to do so).

So. I'm stuck waiting it out, trying my best to not re-injure it, and whining a LOT. And frankly, Andrew was in a pissy mood earlier today, too, and we just had a crabby day around here.

So dang it. I hope the Psych from last night, which is saved on my DVR, is good and puts us in a better mood. The house is all clean and he's on his way back from getting some dinner things (and fixing my flat tire-- another reason for the crabbiness today was a nice little flat tire).

Here's hoping today is the first day of a better week to come.


slyboots2 said...

Ice the hell out of it. Not pleasant, I know, but ice it. And take ibuprophen. That's the only remedy that my back took to. And it helped immensely. good luck. I hate that kind of thing.