Friday, January 16, 2009

Dandelion Tattoo Idea

I've kind of always wanted a tattoo. I basically decided not to do it though because it was so trendy, & so many people were getting them and I am a contrary beast at best. What the crowd is doing, I don'a wanna.

But I think, in spite of that, I may have finally figured out what I want in such a way as to make it something I actually really really want to do. Even with my contrary-ness.

A version of one of these pictures. I like the one with the birds better, I think, but I want hearts instead of birds.
option one

By the way, it would totally be in simple black, and it would be on my left shoulder blade back. This second one is white on black, too, so it would be reverse of this color.
option 2

OR maybe more like my header image, which was created by this cool digital artist. I like how clear that image is. But I dig the "seeds becoming hearts" transition, too.

Dandelions have always been really important to me. When I created my first blog so many years ago, I was disappointed in myself for not calling it what this blog is now called. Daydreams & Dandelions had long been my title for my "Journal" or "Poetry Book" or autobiography or something. By the time I realized everyone had cooler blog names than mine, I was kind of committed to the one I had. So. Then, when I was ready to change that, I had forgotten about meaning to create the Dandelion one. SO. When I abandoned the second poor anonymous blog you can't get at anymore, and picked this public one, I picked that name.

Why dandelions? They're weeds. They're hard to kill but pretty. They grow almost anywhere. People can't help but like them, in spite of themselves. They make wishes come true. They are french for "Lion's Teeth" which is cool & empowering.

And there's a lot about those things above that are very much ME. Once, on a trip to Key West, during the "not getting one" phase of my tattoo life, my BFF was going to do it. Get her tattoo. And the place we stopped was, annoyingly for her but good for me since I was still on the fence, closed. So she didn't and I didn't and here we are, 9 years later.

Ready J? Summer '09? You think? If there are no reasons to not, this time, I think we oughta try to go for it this time. I mean, I'm turning 40 this year.

Triple dog dare?


J said...

Neat concept.
No dare required. If there is no reason not to - I'm in.

Anonymous said...

i like the designs. i don't and will never understand why people get tats where they can't see them. so, maybe you can explain that to me.

there are two reasons i don't have one:
1. EVERRRRRYONE and their grandmamies has one.
2. i don't belong to a tribe of any sort, so i can't in good faith have one. i'm a purist you see. i stick to history.

i wonder when plate lips will go in style in western countries.

Anonymous said...

While reading I couldn't help but laugh because I too also wanted a tatoo but saw soo many people in high school getting one and that made me not one anymore, also the fact that I could not find something that made sense to me and if it has no meaning to me I refuse to put it on me ..Now I'm turning 21 and I thought about getting one again.. I was searching and I saw one of the dandelion and loved it, I'm thinking about getting the one that turns into birds with a phrase. I love the whole meaning behind the dandelion, and now feel convinced this is for me.

mariahwelch95 said...

So im getting the top tattoo! I have had this planned for over a year & I already have it placed & everything! But I do have one little twist! Im incorporating the quote "Hold fast to dreams, for i dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly" ! (: B E A U T I F U L !<3

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Cao Bang said...

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