Monday, September 15, 2008


So this weekend, we have been without power for most of the time. Hurricane Ike has done his damage, and mostly it was mild, in my hometown. Yes, there are a few houses with trees in their living rooms, but most of the damage wasn't too bad. It could have been much worse. The wind was howling like crazy, but we didn't get too much rain or other weather.

But we lost power Saturday afternoon, were without it all day Sunday til about 6. Then we had an hour and a half of glorious normality and it was gone again. This morning's call to the power company has them saying "Well, we hope to have everyone restored by THURSDAY." Um. Thursday. Really?! That's your reasonable response??!! ARRRRRRRRGH!

I'm hopeful that by the time I go home tonight, I will actually have power. Pray, or whatever it is you do, for us, please! I am not really very happy about the prospect of that many days power-free. There will be a generator purchase in our near future, but it may be sooner rather than later. You wouldn't think, living this far from the coast, that we'd be in this much chaos, but yes. We are. And it stinks.

But it could be worse, so I'm trying to keep perspective on that. Many, many bad things happen in the universe and me not being able to get my coffee at home this morning was not that much of a crisis.


Anonymous said...

when the baby was born in '04 we went through Frances (in FL) which knocked out power for 3 weeks. in Florida. in late August! it was horrible.

and two weeks later Ivan came through and knocked out power for 1 more week.

before that, Charlie brushed us and knocked out power for 3 days.

we moved north in the fall of that year.

Maude Lebowski said...

my aunt, uncle, mom, and dad made coffee for a week after gustav in a percolator pot on the grill. you could try that next time. it's like camping, but not. :-)

glad that you and the fam are okay. hope the power's back soon.