Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Updates: Friday edition

Whew. This was a CRAZY week. We got power back on Monday and everything has rushed by in a blur since then. Teaching this semester is four classes and that's a pretty full load. I have papers to grade or else my students will get crabby that I keep them too long. (75 papers is a lot!!) So I'll get to that when Andrew is at work doing the AF Reserve thing this weekend and babies are playing in the yard. I really really am enjoying my students this semester. I have more English majors than I usually have and that makes for some fun discussions that I don't always have to lead-- one of them even came up with my "Bartleby the Scrivener" = Office Space argument on his own this week. I was so excited!!

I also showed this video in class. They loved it, and it made so much sense to them. Told them things they ought to know, but if I blabber about it for a whole class, they hear "wah wah wah wah" a la Charlie Brown's teacher all day. So. I am a big fan of this guy:

It's nice and temperate here in the swampland now. Low 80s during the day generally, low humidity, cool at night. It's my favorite time of the year for many reasons. We moved here almost two years ago during the first real cold snap of the year. And I like cool weather. We can light a fire in the fireplace and sit in our nice living room and read while the kiddos play. And they're getting, at three, to that independent play phase where they get into fewer scrapes that we have to monitor.

Speaking of those little monkeys, they are really in to The Nightmare Before Christmas right now. Sean will throw his arms out, all future drama kid-like, and sing "I, Jack, The Pumpkin King".... I love that little movie. :) Goth kids in training. I thought at first it might be too scary, but it's not, apparently. They got mommy's goth gene (which, granted, is recessive, but still there). They'll be the first ever goth jocks at their school.

Now, to go get another teeny tiny bit of vino. It is the weekend after all.


nissa, goddess after five said...

I was reading an article in the Colorado newspaper which serves the county where are house is about a woman getting ready to go court for robbing and torching a family's home. The family was eager to "state their pieces" with the perp.

Is there a plural for peace?? Is it really like a piece of pie???