Friday, September 19, 2008

News? Anyone? Anyone?

I don't watch much TV news. Mostly, when I'm watching TV it's usually kids' programing or something I've DVRd and really like (Eureka, True Blood, etc.) So I've taken to reading the Google News feed to keep up with "big events." Just so I know if the news is reporting, you know, random zombi attacks or something.

So is it just me or has the news been really, really tedious and irritating lately? I think this is something that happens to me during election years. I HATE the horserace mentality of elections, and I think that most people who want to be elected probably should be therefore disqualified (have it be by lottery, or something equally random. I know it sounds crazy, but the ego and craziness of most elected officials really gets to me).

But today, looking at stories about Tom Cruise's cradle robbed wife, Ophrah's book pick, bank bailouts, hurricane bailouts, greenhouse woes, China's crappy milk, I just want to not read any more. I just am generally pissed at all of it. And none of it makes me want to read more. Bleh. Meh.