Sunday, September 21, 2008

For Better For Worse comic

I really miss this comic that the writers has retired from writing-- For Better or For Worse. I used to read it every day, and now that she's just re-running old strips, I just don't read it. I know it's still technically "there" I just don't care to read it. The thing I used to like about it was the way the characters aged and changed with time-- not a lot of comics do that. And now that it's all a rerun of the 70s I'm just not that interested, even though technically they're mostly new strips to me. But I do miss it. I find myself with a second or two and think that I ought to do something on line, and where I would have had a small laugh or even just a smile reading that FBFW, now I am at a loss. I know there are other comics out there, but it still ins't the same. Pooh. Silly people--finding more important things to do than amuse me.

Ah, I hear the pitter patter of a baby up from naptime.


jo(e) said...

I miss it too. The characters always seemed quite real to me -- unlike the characters in most comic strips.