Sunday, September 28, 2008

the 80s strike back?

So I decided, without any regrets, to not go to the (gasp cough) 20 high school reunion that was this past summer. Today, though, I was dragged by one of those clever damned "" banners back into the 80s.

I found out that there was a website for the '88 reunion and spent a bit of time today lurking there. I saw a few people's pictures who I remember, but for the most part, the person who was in charge of the reunion and I didn't really know each other. I remember her, and I think I may have had a class with her, but very few of the pictures on the site had "my group" in it. But that's okay.

cute kid. wonder who she is?On looking at the pictures from the yearbook that they have posted on the page, I am actually pretty pleased with my hair. It really could have been embarrassing-- after all, it was the late 80s and the bigger the better. I think I went for nicely timeless. Cute little bob and restrained makeup. And gigantic hoop earrings, but hey that's my inner gypsy. Aussie Sprunch spray and the reek of cigarettes still brings me back to the girls' bathroom at lunchtime.

I dunno. I may decide to go to the next one, just because I think I'm lookin' pretty good. OOOH, and on a "ha ha ha ha" note, two people who were NOT nice to me during my high school years had pictures up there and they are NOT looking good for the 20 years. Hee hee. I know that's mean, but they were the type of person who made my life a living hell just for the fun of it and therefore, I feel good about feeling glad they aren't perfect. And not nearly as cool as me. Mwah hahahahahaha. I know I know. I should be nicer. But so should they have been. Karma and all. I'm willing to bet my karma for being glad they don't look great doesn't even come close to the way they treated me.

Anyhoo. Nostalgia-- it will strike when you aren't expecting it. Be warned.