Saturday, September 20, 2008

Moving Day

So I'm dusting off the old, anonymous blog and moving things that I want to keep to this one. I'm not going to write in the old one anymore, I think. I had it set up for a long time that I could write things that I didn't want to share with the entire world there, but frankly, that's tiresome. If I can't share it, then I probably shouldn't put it in writing anyway. That probably means it's not my best me-- the one that I should be promoting. There are some things that one shouldn't write about, probably.

I know that last year, when I was feeling a little depressed and crabby, the blog writing definitely seemed to encourage the bad mood. I know that the day I was "undiplomatic" and said some things I shouldn't have that the blog was part of it. I was not thinking about it, and let my crabbiness and a mood that I really don't feel all the time get the best of me. So. That's that.

I'm trying to rename my library widget and post it here but right now the mylibrary folks have the "rename" function disabled. I wish they'd undo that, because I did pay for a lifetime membership and would like my little library to move to this blog.

Today, Andrew is doing his "Reserve" duty thing. He's an active duty Reservist. So that means he does a regular 40 hour week most of the time but then, once a month, he also hangs out up there on the weekend. It's kind of a drag for me because weekends are the hardest time to be on my own with the kiddos. We have a lot of things to do today, including a birthday party for one of his co-worker types' kids. I like these folks, and they're kind of new to town, so I'd like to encourage a friendship there. But things have just been so busy that I haven't had much time to devote to that. It used to be easier-- just go hang out with a group of likeminded people on Friday night at the Church of Flats, and zippo. Sigh.

Okay, before this gets entirely too maudlin (apparently, that's my current mood) I'll just drink some coffee and go grade the papers I'm supposed to be working on this weekend. Ack! I'm out of coffee!! Who drank all my coffee??!!! Surely, it wasn't me.


slyboots2 said...

You know, I understand your decision. It's hard to have a secret life online- and the necessity of keeping parts private and under wraps is kind of a challenge. Ditto the attitudinal thing- if you write with any conviction, it's hard to snap out of it quickly. Shows you mean what you say- kind of like method acting. I like that method writing.

Have a lovely weekend with the chilluns, and enjoy the weather! Guess what- it's raining here!!! Surprise!!!

kim wells said...

It's not raining here, but it's kinda muggy. Also not a surprise, weather-wise. We're doin' pretty good. Time to go on an expotition-- the park, and maybe Target. :) Big weekend plans.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? It's actually dry and cool here (hi 50s at night and early morning, mid70s during the day). What in hell is going on w/the South?