Thursday, August 7, 2008

Selling Out

Okay. I have to say that if I were someone anyone would offer, say, a million bucks to for a commercial or something, I would so do it. Sellout? Hell yeah.

On that note, I am going to complain about a sellout I just heard. On a JC Penny "Fall clothes for teens" commercial, they had a track of Simple Minds' "Don't You Forget About Me." That song has long been my "theme" song, kind of. I love it, and have always had great memories of it.

And now it's a JC Penny theme song. Sigh. JC Penny. If it were the Gap, or some other cool shop, I would feel better.

See. I'm a totally hypocritical contradiction. Enigma, wrapped in a riddle.


Anonymous said...

Simple Minds recently performed (your song, among others) live for Nelson Mandela's b-day party in June. I was in Canada when I saw them. Jim Kerr is looking bloated and fat and raggedy, but they sounded good. For stuff like this, the sellout, I'm sort of happy. The tune is twenty-some years old, right? I'm sort of happy for the boys; it allows them to stock up on booze for a while now. I, too, have seen the Penney ad. My fave Simple Minds tune, though, remains: Oh Jungleland. Still holds, if you get a chance to hear it.

slyboots2 said...

Ah, cue up the Breakfast Club. And add a dose of legwarmers. I am so bloody OLD. That's what Simple Minds conjures up for me. OLD, OLD, OLD. And also, Penney's sucks. But not as bad as Sears. The Sears in Billings, MT smells like feet. I'm just sayin. I have it on first-hand experience.