Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Bullets

  • I have a head cold thingy. I think it's allergy, but I'm not sure. Add that to the stomach flu I've had still for three weeks & I'm really tired of being sick. Ugh!! Now to take a Nyquil and try to sleep, cause I didn't last night.
  • Babies are fine, mostly . Sean has the same bug I do, I think.
  • I start back to teaching on the 25th. I look forward to seeing new students; I shouldn't have any that I've had before so it'll be lots of new faces.
  • Maia & I are sharing Pistachios. We both are addicts, and are eating them by the handful. She keeps giving me more, and little cute kisses while I type. What an adorable thing she is.
  • Watching the Muppet Movie (which, for the record, I adore) for the millionth time this weekend, I noticed this weird thing. Right after the scene where Richard Pryor sells Gonzo balloons, this guy walks past in the background, twice, holding a Confederate flag. It's very weird for that to happen when one of the few black characters in the movie is onscreen. I don't know what to make of it. Husband and I discussed it a bit but I haven't googled to see if anyone else has made anything of it. I'm sure there's a youtube about it or something but I'm too tired to look. But it really seems bizarre.
  • Babies went to a birthday party this weekend. Maia dressed up as Tinkerbell, Sean as Peter Pan. It was a bit of a misunderstanding on my part-- I thought they were supposed to show up in costume (the deal was they actually had outfits AT the party, so we were the only ones who had our own, other than the birthday girl. Ah well.) It was kind of fun, though.
  • Now, I'm tired. Bedtime & nyquil, here I come.