Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dental Damns!

Today, I discovered something worse than getting a root canal.

Watching your 3 year old son get one.

Seriously. Sean had a pretty big cavity, and they did a "baby root canal" on him. This means just the part of the tooth that isn't in the gum line. But it sucked, big ones.

They gave him Vercette (I'm not sure that's the spelling) which is supposed to make him forget all about it. I sure hope so, otherwise, we're not getting him into that dentist's office again.

I was crying, and it was soooo hard to watch. But he seems fine-- full of piss and vinegar-- now. Poor little monkey. It's all because he has a serious love of orange juice & hates to let me brush his teeth.


Anonymous said...

OMG, please get him and his sister started on brushing ASAP. Get them those fun, little "flossers" too, the ones they can hold by the handle. They smell nice. Ugh, dentists.

kim wells said...

Actually, Maia is a good brusher & flosses, too. I've been trying to brush them since they just had gums. When Maia had her checkup, the dentist could tell the one that will let me help her and the one that won't. I had very bad teeth as a kid so I've been trying really hard to figure out how to get him to let me brush. A neighbor suggested those little baby fingertip brushes, which I'm going to try on him. But I think he's got the kind of thin enamel I had, and is kind of doomed. :(

ccw said...

Oh, poor baby! That sounds just awful. I hope both of you recover quickly.