Saturday, August 2, 2008


I've experimented with Yahoo IM before in the past and been annoyed with it. However, I'm going to give it a shot again. I changed my name from the old anonymous one I never used to a new one that is the "real me." So. I'm making it public again.

My Yahoo chat name is daydreamsdandelions if you ever wanna IM me. :) I don't know how often I'll be on there, but just in case. I just spent ten minutes setting up my new "real me" avatar, anyway. I was amazed at how many new choices there are for clothes! Anyway. Me and my obsession with little virtual dolls.


slyboots2 said...

Have fun with that- I have disabled the IM on my home machine- it is a pernicious tool at work, that keeps me annoyed, nervous, and hopping at various points during the day. Just when it feels safe to relax, I get an "urgent" IM from some poor over-stressed co-worker and get to assist in putting out a fire.

Hey, guess what! Vacation appears to have worn completely off in my world!!! Cool.