Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pigging Out

Oh, so I went with a friend to see Mamma Mia at the movies. For the last month or so, I've been kind of sick & lost a few pounds as a result. So I felt pretty okay getting a popcorn with extra butter & a soda (Mr. Pibb, thank you very much).

And I made myself a little sick on the half bag of popcorn I ate. No one else wanted any so my small bag was really very much like a large bag used to be.

Remember back when you could get that little red and white striped box of popcorn? And it was just enough. You didn't have to gorge yourself. Of course, they couldn't charge 10 bucks for it, I guess, so they feel guilty and give you so much.

And the movie was pretty good. Meryl Streep is such a good actress. There is this scene where she's singing The Winner Takes it All to Pierce Brosnan and she emoted and did such a wonderful job that I was all teary eyed. It was not at all corny (that scene. there were other corny scenes, but nicely so).

I did feel, through most of it, that I should be there with my friend and Abba-freak Vicki. Sigh. Moving too far away from your dearest friends is so hard. I wish I hadn't had to do it so often in my life. (But don't let us end on a down note....let's see. How about a YouTube clip, instead? This isn't the whole song. It's pretty long, and this is about oh, halfway through? It's very good in the context of the movie. Here, it almost doesn't work. But if you like Abba and musicals, you're going to like this film.)


Patrick Roberts said...

I was coerced into seeing Mamma Mia (the play), which ended up being great... as for the movie version, sounds fun, though it's awkward to think of ol' Pierce trying to sing, yeeesh

kim wells said...

Yeah, Pierce was NOT a fabu singer. But he didn't sqwawk too much, and they had studio mixes. :) He is just so adorably sexy, though, that I forgave him for his mediocre singing. :)

Anonymous said...

ABBA freak here and i haven't yet seen the film. will have to try to catch this one in the theatres, as much as i loathe seeing films in those venues, with those insufferable people making noise, crunching on popcorn and ...oh, wait. sorry.