Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer Starts Yesterday, I Think

I guess. It was the first sunburn of the year... I usually try NOT to get a sunburn, but it was between my shoulders and the spray on sunscreen did not catch it. So now I have that ouchy burn there.

We went to the air show on base. It was not too crowded, but I will never understand why so many places have their airshows in the crazy heat of summer. There were two months here in LA where it was sunny & mostly nice when it would have been kind of cool outside but perfect weather to hang out look at planes do tricks & stand on an acre of concrete. But yesterday was not it. We ended up at home, watching one pass of the Blue Angels over our pool as they rounded for some acrobatics over the crowd & had to swing wide. Much better than being in the heat where there are 5.00 chicken sandwiches you'd pay 99 cents for at Sam's, frozen, and 5.00 frozen lemon ice things you can get for about 1% of that anywhere.

Here's my take on the "festivals" (and by these I include airshows) issue. Once upon a time, it was really neat. You couldn't GET these kinds of things on a daily basis. Dr. Pepper, for example, apparently debuted at a World's Fair, many years ago. Hamburgers, too. People marveled over these unique items, met their friends, mingled.

Nowadays, they charge ridiculous amounts for items you literally can go to Sam's or Costco and buy for pennies. In the South, they're most commonly held in the summer months when it's 99 degrees outside, muggy, hot, sunny. You're getting crispy skin, increasing your skin cancer risk, crabby because you have to use port-o-potties & stand in long lines while an old guy tells you to "pretend you're a Pacific island that was just taken over by the enemy forces, and watch a mock dogfight to take it back". Yeah. At least if it were a Pacific island I could watch this dogfight from the cool of the water nearby instead of roasting like a chicken on a spit.

At these events, my hubby's work usually rents one of those kid jumpy things. This one was not well inflated, listed to one side, and was filled with big kids who wanted to oppress the littler ones. I warned one kid three times and then used the "BIG VOICE" (inhereted from my DI mom) to tell him to get out and get over to his mom. I had to be the "mean mom" because he was climbing on top of the damn thing about to break his fool neck.

So that was fun./sarcasm I was just glad to get home, swim in my pool & drink a mojito beer thing. People wonder why I'm a bit on the hermit-ish side. This would be it.