Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring & All

This is Reserve Weekend, so Andrew is working. I figure he'll probably have to spend at least a little time "checking on the tenants" when he's off of the official work, too. So I'm on my own for the weekend with two very active babies.

The kicker: we're trying to eliminate naps on the weekend. Our kiddos are night owls-- it'll be 11 and they'll be wide awake running amuck. Because on weekends, they'd like to take a 3 hour nap. But if they don't nap, they're in bed, sometimes, by 7.

So I have a DIY project ahead-- I'm going to try to re finish this white cast aluminum table that's all covered in ick. However, the scourge of pollen that just fell on it makes me realize I need to move it to another part of the yard, first, or else have these tree sex bits stuck in the paint of my table forever & ever amen.

I'm not a religious person, really and like to think of myself as spiritual, rather. But there's an expression in the church (Lutheran). The preacher says:
"this is the day the Lord hath made" and everyone replies "praise be to God."

That's what I think about this day. In spite of it being difficult sometimes, it's a lovely gorgeous wonderful day with perfect babies (who are not angels, but just right and what I deserve anyway). And there's coffee. And not too much sneezing (thanks, Spring.)

Wasn't it T.S. Eliot who said "April is the sneeziest month?"


Anonymous said...

how old are the twins now? 3 1/2?? Gillian ONLY naps in the car, when I take her home on Sunday afternoons (a 1.5 hr. drive)...she stopped official napping last summer (your kiddos' age). she's in bed by 8 pm (at my house, at least), and out by 8: 30 usually; a bit faster when she's particularly active. don't think she's ever been up until 11; i think once it was a bit after 10. anyway, the most wonderful thing is that she sings herself to sleep nearly every's the most amazing sound to hear, at the end of a long day usually, and it's what makes me get out of bed next morning.

kim wells said...

They're 3.5 ish. They'll be four in late June. But if they don't nap, they are SOOOOO crabby. Yesterday I kept it down to one hour.