Friday, March 13, 2009

Copycats? Mreow HISS.

Nissa pointed out in my comments yesterday that there's a new-ish blog out there that has a very, very similar address to mine. As well as a very close to mine template/graphic & color layout. At first, I was very blasé about it. It's not like I'm freakin' Hemingway here-- she's not copying my content or anything. Her readers are not likely to ever be the same as mine.

But now I'm a little irritated, after thinking about it. I really like my template, and I paid money for it (not a lot of money, and I never expected the template to be totally exclusive, but I never expected the person who had the similar graphic to have a similar name, too) and now I feel like I have to change it. I'm not going to go over to this other blogger and yell at her-- it's certainly possible that she came up with the name and the idea of the graphic without ever seeing my site. I'm not a brand name or anything. (It's kind of weird, though-- the two things being almost exactly the same).

I mostly got irritated after looking for a new graphic and thinking "But I LIKE this graphic!!" It's more about me not wanting to change it. But that's what happens when you're too cool, I guess. So watch this spot for a graphic change soon. It'll still be dandelion-ish, but something else. Now to decide what.


comebacknikki said...

I just took a look at the other blog - it seems way too similar for it to be a coincidence!

Alice Kildaire said...

I didn't bother looking at the other blog, but why do YOU have to change yours? I really like that graphic!

nissa, goddess after five said...

I'm thinkin' stalker. Did you see her profile? She lists her occupation as procrastinator! I agree -don't change a thing. You had it first, and you are way cooler.