Sunday, March 22, 2009

Got Buddha?

This past week, I had a handyman type dig out my pond & a few other odd jobs in the back yard (no the pool is still not clean. We're having difficulty).

Anyway. This is Shreveport. Or, as hubby & I say, T-I-S.

I have this lovely Buddha meditation statue in my butterfly garden. I need to weed around him but the last time I moved him a tiny silver snake skittered out from beneath. I thought that was cool. Buddha as refuge.

Handyman offered to help me throw the Buddha statue away. He laughed when I said "uh, no thank you" but I could tell he wasn't entirely joking.

Dude, did I ASK you for religious help? No. I did not. My religion is my BIDness (nudge nudge Alex) and nobody axed you for your opinion, thank you.

There's a reason you're not supposed to talk about religion, sex, or politics at a party. People are touchy about their beliefs, and mine are very quirky, and not the point of this post. But overall, in spite of all the quirkiness, I do consider myself a roundabout Christian. It's just not as conventional as SOME folks might like to think it ought to be. Ultimately it comes down to this: God is god, no matter what the name is. So if a Buddha statue meditating in my garden gives me peace, then mind your own Ps and Qs.

So. Buddha stays, handyman goes. Any questions?


slyboots2 said...

I like it. My great-grandmother had a fat Buddha statue in her living room. She was a very amazing Protestant woman who raised Catholic children (after promising that she would when she got married over half a century before my birth), and who presided over all of us with equanimity. I can't think of any way that Buddha, in all his resplendent, funny and happy glory hurt any of us. So, amen sistah! Keep the Buddha in the garden. I'm sure he likes it there just fine.

nissa, goddess after five said...

T-I-S. Right?

Anonymous said...

my statue of Buddha (he is the South Asian vrrasion) is at work, by my computer. when i get out of hand, he whacks the shit outta me w/his teeny little bamboo stick. i love him. nobody puts Buddha in the corner. (or trash can)

ccw said...

I'm laughing. I think it is hysterical that he would just assume that Buddha must be a mistake and you have secretly been longing for someone manly to come along and throw it away. At least he asked.