Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Break

After this crazy-busy semester, I keep feeling like I should be doing something. Surely there are papers I should be grading, somewhere. Just doing nothing on the weekend, minus the guilt, is weird. It's kind of a similar feeling to the years of "should I be writing on my dissertation?" that I'm also still not completely over. (Mostly over it. It just changed to "shouldn't I be revising my dissertation into a scholarly book?")

Anyway. We're not leaving for Texas until Monday, so we have a weekend at home with kiddos. Watching El Perro y el Gato on HBO. The kiddos LOVE it. I don't know if they're learning anything, but it certainly will help them understand Spanglish better, if not actual Spanish. I love how they show Texas. Anyone who hasn't been there surely thinks it's all desert & cowboy shops. (It's NOT.)