Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming Soon

For the January= Spring Semester, my classes are all going to be required to blog entries about the literature we're reading. Other things, too, since I'm going to be teaching a "how to be a college student" class.

What does that mean for you, gentle readers (if there are any of you out there...)?

I'm going even MORE public. This blog will be totally an extension of my work life, my teaching persona. I doubt a lot will change. I'll probably try to control most of my whining. If you're just dying to see me in a less public way and don't know my myspace persona, let me know & I can send you there, but I don't blog there much anymore, either. Perhaps I will do more now that I'm mmore out of the virtual closet.

It also means a student or two might show up on this blog to comment, since they'll be able to see it in the dashboard. Just a heads up. You don't have to behave any differently, really. It's all good in the hood.


slyboots2 said...

You are brave! I did the facebook thingy, and that was a terrific leap. But the blog thing in my case will remain anonymous. It just has to- I can't share that part of my world with the co-workers, etc. Like I said, you are brave!

kim wells said...

Yeah, it probably means I won't be as personal as I have sometimes been, but I haven't been doing that much for a while, anyway. I went through and edited a few old blog posts, too, that needed a "too much information" moment taken out a little. But mostly, what is here is fine for public access. :) We'll see if I need a venue for the thoughts that aren't. :)

Anonymous said...

The FB thing has worked OK for me so far; not spending too much time on it, and my friends are mostly high school peeps who seem to be fairly well-adjusted. No stalkers or bizarro crazies.