Monday, December 1, 2008


I interrupt your day for a whiney rant. :)

Dang my office is chilly today. I'm not right on the outside wall so usually I'm a little warmer than the folks who have a window office... but today, I can barely stand to be in here! I'm glad my office hours are almost over.

Now you may return to your own day.


Anonymous said...

ha. Southerner! what is it, about 55-ish there? :)

Cynthia said...

Thought you might like another "you rock"...a woman read your speech from my blog and said we need to hear more from you :-) Maybe that warmth from Virginia will help the cold tomorrow?

kim wells said...

Oh, it's not that it's that cold outside, it's just when you're sitting, doing nothing active, and it's pervasively chilly, it just gets into your bones. And I felt whiney about it.

Yes, it's in the 50s here, but I am spoiled by it not being too cold too often.

But I'm also not REALLY a Southerner. When my peers are pulling out parkas as it creeps down to 60, my Illinois roots show and I'm in a light sweater, usually.

But the other day was just that sort of day. :)

Cynthia: expect to hear more from me when this insanely busy semester is over. Maybe next week. :)