Monday, June 29, 2009

Morning Mornings

Summer is kind of great this year. Okay, so I haven't had a minute to myself in weeks. Usually (this is ever since the days became child-laden) I take the kiddos to daycare & work on things. My website for one, which is sadly languishing in a 3/4 published state right now. I am not nearly as frazzled as I would think I would be, though.

But this year, with Sean in the public school system, I am subject to the whims of Caddo parrish. So he's out this week coming up because of some kind of testing they're holding at his campus. That means I am not going to have a second of non-kid time. So I'm keeping the girlchild, Maia, home too. She cried in her sleep about "not wanting to go to school" last night. (She also yelled at her brother for taking her sucker. The girl is a night talker like me.)

So it isn't so much about being fair as it is about just really enjoying being with the kiddos. It's kind of ridiculous because I'm paying for daycare anyway, but at least it's only for one kid nowadays (Sean & public school are paid for by your tax dollars & mine.)

So what are we gonna do today? I know daddy would vote for us to fold the massive baskets of laundry upstairs. I ought to try to squeeze some website publishing in. But probably, I'll just play in the pool with the kiddos.