Sunday, June 7, 2009

10 Cool (or not) facts that aren't really 10 facts at all

I looked at a bunch of pictures on Teh Internetz today of various lists of "10 things". Mugshots that went wrong, misspelled tattoos, cool galaxies, odd twin events, etc. I don't particularly recall how I even got on that webpage with all the links. It was kind of cool in a time-killing way but it strikes me now that at least half our time on Teh Internetz is like wandering around a very large bar while really tipsy. You chat with people you would never talk to sober, you look at pictures and go "oooh", you hear stories about terrible things. You can also look at pictures you probably wouldn't have looked at, you can gossip, you can bitch and moan about how terribly the world treats you (the "tear in your beer" moments).

I think blogging & facebook can get you into trouble, too. You think you're kind of alone or with friends and someone stumbles upon you being crabby and/or indiscreet and assumes (for right or for wrong, it doesn't matter) that you were talking about them and takes it badly. You can "stalk" someone a little bit-- looking up what they have been doing lately. It's a little creepy, but then you figure that they only have published something there for you to look at. Do you really care if I know what 80s song best fits your life? I don't, but there's something revealing in the fact that the song you put there is "The Kid is Hot Tonight".

And honestly, I have no real point, no final couplet to round off this post. I'm just thinking "aloud" about all the time we waste on this thing, and then, also, having had a conversation w/ my mother that the LA legislature was trying to pass a bill to charge a tax on us to access the internet and this bill went in under the radar, I think, and to think of wasting all that time looking at tattoo pictures and actually PAYING for the privilege. Maybe it would make people more judicious, maybe not.