Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'll admit; I'm a little curious

I got an email from the cursed nostalgia site that I'm not sure why I signed up for-- classmates-- about two people having signed my guestbook. There's a photo that I don't quite recognize (dude-- it's been 20 years) and yet, I'm totally curious.

I mostly flew under the radar in High School. I wasn't popular, I wasn't a pariah. I was somewhere in the mass of people you kinda remember. So who took the time to sign my name, or is that just a ruse the classmates people use to get me to pony up five bucks to get a "gold membership" and it turns out it was someone like John Smith who signed? (No John Smiths in my class that I knew.... joke).

And most of my internet presence is under my married name, so it's not like someone who was thinking "wow, I sure would like to contact Kim" would find me here unless they knew to look.

Dammit. I might have to pay these jerks for the info. I am actually just about five bucks worth of curious. That's what twenty years and a teeny photo with a picture of someone I might have known will do for you.

Nostalgia. It costs.