Thursday, October 16, 2008

To Do List: Hollyday Day 1

The first day of my Hollyday is rainy and a little muggy. Blech. But, since nothing I truly need to do is outdoors, it'll be okay. I do have an absolute TON of things I need to get done. I do have several days for these chores but what I don't get done today is just going to pile up on me.

  • write myself into a grant being written by this Librarian at work. If I piggyback on her grant, I may be able to get some money for new A/V equipment at work. I'm torn about this since I want a "real job" elsewhere and why do a bunch of work when I'm leaving, right? But it will look good to have done it. Getting grants makes one attractive on the academic market. So. Write myself in there. DONE (mostly)
  • clean sort toss a bunch of old baby toys. They're a mess & Andrew hates it and we need the storage space for other things. My house is such a good candidate, in some ways, for one of those storage experts you see on TV. We have some real messes here and there, and lots of actual space, but much of it is poorly used. We need some organizational gadgets, but damned if I know how/what to do with it.
  • Purchase gifts for kids' birthday party we're attending on Sat. There will be a pony. Cool, but a little freaky. I feel like a character in Steve Marn's Parenthood so many times. DONE
  • work on applications for jobs. You already know way more about this than you want to, I'm sure.
  • get van cleaned out. On our recent road trip, about a cup of Quick strawberry powder got spilled on the floor. It's not a pretty sight. Contrary to what one might think, it doesn't smell like strawberries either.
  • Check on a new laptop. My old one, Pele, died over the trip to San Antonio. In a very dramatic and annoying manner, in fact. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. Maybe. DONE
  • On a related note, I need to figure out a better organizational scheme for the computers I already have. Yes. ComputerS. Two of them. And printer and fax/scanner. They're set up in such a way that makes them somewhat unusable. What do I do about it? So far, procrastinate. La lalalallallalalala. DONE
  • Grade papers. (A Perpetual issue).
  • Finish lesson plan for next week on Billie Holliday's "Strange Fruit." So far it's a cool lesson; it just needs a bit more juice.
  • Feel icky because Andrew made me drink too much wine last night. Seriously. He's such a wanker about it. Forced me and everything-- poured it right down my throat. :)
  • Fix the upstairs toilet. A flapper broke-- it's a minor annoyance, but I have to get the right kind from the Hardware store and it's one of those weirdly shaped ones. Not the "standard" which Andrew bought already. Trip to hardware store. Blech.
  • I'm sure there are more things that I'll think of later. But for now, I'm going to scan the news headlines, check my email, drink my coffee, and decide which thing gets to be done first.