Friday, October 24, 2008

Amuck Amuck Amuck!!

Next week is my favorite holiday of the year: Halloween. I love the potential of the holiday-- dressing up, feeling the excitement of the air suddenly grown crisp. In Shreveport, we're beginning to get the leaves changing color, and it will be gorgeous in a few more weeks.

I'm going to dress up as a witch (albeit, a somewhat sexy one with pink fake eyelashes) and my students will all have a free day and watch movies. I'm also giving a presentation-- sort of a dramatic interp reading-- my part is about witches-- with two other engaging faculty members. One of them plans to do a ghost story & the other plans to do a short story she wrote. It'll be really fun, I think. I will probably give my students extra credit for showing up, but then that will also make me kind of nervous. It will, however, pack the room if a bunch of them show up and that's a good thing.

We're also going to have a Halloween party for the little rugrats & their school friends. I need to finish printing out the invitations for it, but it will be "fun" and possibly a bad idea. :) After the party we went to (with 2 ponies! ) and a dozen under 5 kids running amuck I am a little nervous about having that many kids in my house but man, it's all good.

So what are you planning for Halloween, if anything?


slyboots2 said...

No doubt I'll be in bed by 8:00 PM. Because that has been my life lately. Too much hassle to actually stay up and do something. I think your life sounds much more interesting. Oh, and fun. Don't forget fun.

Anonymous said...

as both momentofchoice and I are the anti-holiday monsters, we are getting away on the 31st for a few days without computers in Asheville. We'll be staying at the Biltmore and lunching with one of the Vanderbilts on Saturday, Nov. 1st, after which we will tour the gardens and do a bit of winetasting.

Not really. The Biltmore part, I mean.

Yea, you will probably think we're grinches here but we don't do "holidays" anymore. For that reason, we make sure our daughter spends those at her house w/her mum.